Wednesday, March 19, 2014



by 李國禎(Richard Li)輔導員


Starting with a dice game, students review vocabulary by making sentences orally. All students have to do is to make their own sentences by the given clues from the dices which represent subjects and vehicle respectively. What comes next?

Today's class is about transportation. Richard has his class separated inheterogeneous groups. In a learner- centered classroom, he only plays the role to give clear instructions and support. All students have to do is to follow the exact clues and complete their own missions. Each of them are just like a piece of jigsaw puzzles: everyone has their own duty, and they have to help each other to accomplish group tasks in order to achieve the goal of the class. Moreover, all the four skills are operated and assigned properly in this class via different interesting media.

                                                                Thanks to 沙鹿國中 洪幼齡校長
                                                                                 育英國中 陳進卿校長
                                                                                 臺中市各國中英語教師 蒞臨指導

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