Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Microteaching with TBL and Reading Strategies at PYSH

 With participants engaged in a variety of activities that aiming at promoting reading strategies and other integrative skills, a class of microteaching was conducted to cover a complete reading passage in the hope that teachers can walk away with some nuggets to try out in their class. 

I. Pre-Task
Objective 1: With the given worksheet, students are able to match vocabulary words with their corresponding pictures and definition correctly.
Activity 1: Word Wall Match-up
Assessment 1: Check List

Objective 2: With those vocabulary words, students are able to make predictions about the reading passage and justify how they did it accordingly.
Activity 2: Making Predictions
Assessment 2: Mini Whiteboard, Oral Report, rubrics

II. Main Task
Objective 3: Divided into two groups, students are able to answer the comprehension questions correctly, decide on the best title and summarize the passage with a short paragraph.
Activity 3: Jigsaw Reading
Assessment 3: Check List

Objective 4: Working in groups of four, each student takes on a task from the worksheet and completes it with their partners in the Expert Group so that they can share what they learned when going back to Home Group.
Activity 4:  Jigsaw + Literature Circle
Assessment 4: Check List, Rubrics

III. Post-Task
Objective 5: With students’ LC posted on the wall, the first two and the other two taker turns elaborating and walking around to learn from each other.
Activity 5: Gallery Walk
Assessment 5: Rubrics for oral report

Objective 6: After the Walk, students work in groups and decide on the most inspirational group so that they can improve their originals accordingly.
Activity 6: Discussion and Oral Report
Assessment 6: Peer Evaluation

IV. Teaching Procedures
1.     Greeting, introducing the topic and what we’re going to achieve  today (3 mins)
2.     Word Wall Match-up, including introduction, instructions, monitoring  and feedback (10 mins)
3.     Making predictions with Mini Whiteboard (5 mins)
4.     Jigsaw Reading, comprehension questions, the main idea and  summary of the text (10 mins)
5.     Introduction to tasks (2 mins), Home Group (5 mins), Expert Group  (5 mins)
6.     Gallery Walk (5 mins)
7.     Peer Evaluation, Discussion (2 mins), Report (3 mins)
8.     Wrap-up (3 mins), Q and A (7 mins)

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