Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Prosperity Through Education and Love

Education is a valuable cornerstone for a city on its way to excellence. Love is the eternal star that marks education.
Because of love, we and our children have happy dreams. Because of Love, we encourage our children to harbor the determination to innovate and fully fulfill their potential to achieve self realization. The love for education, in my belief, is the most beautiful footnote for Taichung, a sunshine city filled with hope and energy.

Children have unlimited potentials waiting to be inspired, and love is the soft power that creates opportunities and enriches learning. With teachers actively engaged in school-based action research and professional self-growth, we hope our children's innate passion for learning can be ignited so that they'll all be eager to explore the world, and life-long learning abilities can be cultivated accordingly. To promote the quality of education, we strive for education reform that leads to innovation and excellence. For example, we have effectively improve the ratio of students to teacher staff. Furthermore, to cope with the new challenges brought up by the Twelve-Year Compulsory Education, we're going to invest 5 billion NT dollars in education within the next five years to fully enhance all schools' efficiency and quality, ranging from senior high schools, vocational schools to all middle schools. Therefore,  equality and diversity can be found throughout the whole city. Also, we support public and home schooling as well because every child deserves adequate opportunities to succeed.
To highlight social justice and concern, love is the vessel which carries culture and keeps life warm. We care for the education for the socially disadvantaged people. We keep providing a leaning environment with minimal limitation. We focus on humanity and inject sufficient resources into education. No matter special education, pre-school and daycare, multiple cultures or issues of human right, they are all built upon social justice and concern. Through collaborative work between divisions of the Education Bureau and voluntary services,  we will build a safe learning environment  where no bullying, human right violation or contaminated food will be tolerated. By subsidizing with additional 5 NT dollars, we provide our children with healthy and balanced lunch with local agricultural produce. To reduce the pressure of child raising, we are integrating resources of preschool care and education by adopting a comprehensive policy so that every toddler can be taken good care of with fair-priced institutions in every neighborhood.
For better international competitiveness, love is the wings that carry dreams and fly high. Taiwan is an island country. Therefore, it is necessary and inevitable to develop children’s ability to face the ocean. Globalization is a reality. We need to construct an environment that favors the learning of foreign languages. More importantly, we need to expand children’s vision of the world, improve their cross-cultural mobility and increase the chance of international participation for them. The children of new generation need the mindset and vision to understand the different cultures around the world, and then develop their international literacy and have themselves to be prepared to become a world citizen. One of the key indicators of international competitiveness is for citizens to make a life-long habit of exercise. Thus, we encourage all schools to have as many sporting activities and clubs so that the campus is the solid foundation for a healthy city. On top of that, we will make the fifth professional baseball team possible here in Taichung. Schools and communities will work together to promote our national pastime, baseball, and subsequently our city can be put on the map worldwide.

At this moment when Prosperity through Education and Love is published for the new start of greater Taichung. It is time to demonstrate what Taichung has done brilliantly for education as well as how significant the blueprint of future education is to the education of Taichung on its way to growth and transformation. It is my humble hope that all education workers keep their passion and ideal to cultivate life-long passion and ability to learn for our children. Let's use the love of education as the paint brush to portrait the beautiful rainbow of hope for the children of Taichung.

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