Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cultural Exchange: Malaysian food, tourist spots and costumes


The goal of this class is very simple: to have the students use the language and get to know more about other cultures. Thanks to Professor Meei-ling Liaw and her assistant, Jessica, I got to invite three international students of  NTCU, Jacklyn, Joyce, and Rachel,  to come to my class and do cultural exchange about Malaysian food, tourist attractions, and traditional costumes. The agenda is stated as follows:

1. Pep talk. Briefly introduce the purpose of learning English and what we want to achieve today.
2. Malaysian volunteers' self-introduction.
3. Musical Chairs. To make it more fun and interactive, those who fail to grab a chair to sit down in will have to share a fact he or she can remember.
4. Learning Centers. Based on three topics about Malaysia, my students divided into three groups  rotate through the three centers led by Malaysian volunteers. Before moving on to the next one, self-introduction, Malaysian cultural significance, follow-up questions and free talk will all be covered.
5. Wrap-up. Briefly, recap what we learned today from those volunteers' perspective and my students'. Reiterate the importance of being able to use the language.

As usual, my students were quite shy in the first ten minutes or so. Then, there were smiles and laughter before long. The content those volunteers prepared were abundant  yet very educational given the relatively short period of time we had. Interesting questions were asked in each learning center. The original design included World Cafe and Musical Chairs, but I changed the plan a little bit on the spot because the top priority was to complete all the three topics.
Malaysian Traditional Costumes

Malaysian Food

Famous Toruist Spots

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