Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Having Fun Learning about Malaysia

I invited three Malaysian postgraduates from NTCU to come to my class and share some cultural significance in English with my students, including food, tourist attractions, and traditional costumes. In Class 702, my students got to experience once again how to pick up the main idea of a talk without knowing every word, while the other students in the International Education class enjoyed a real taste of Malaysian kaya.

By encouraging my students to write down their questions about Malaysia, I collected some interesting questions prior to the actual event, and some of them were from those who have actually been to Kuala Lumpur before. After the presentations, they also asked some follow-up questions, such as "What is the most disgusting food in Taiwan?" and "What do you think is the most beautiful place in Taiwan?". As you can see in the video, the positive feedback really worth all the time and effort.

As for the gifted students in the club, they also anticipated this activity a lot, especially they already met the three Malaysian students last school year and had fun interacting with each other. Upon seeing my students again, they immediately recognized most of them and were able to call out some names. On top of that, they even noticed Joseph had grown taller.

Tomyam and Kaya jam were prepared for my students to give it a try. All the food was emptied soon after a brief introduction to the ingredients and how to make them. We wrapped up the class with some group photos. This was indeed the best ending for the last class of the club this semester.

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