Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Building a Scenario Simulation Classroom

With the 100 thousand TWD grant for winning the International School Award from the Education Bureau and British Council Taiwan, I purchased two portable projectors and screens, six tablet computers and Bluetooth speakers, a high-end webcam and microphone, complete with a PC, a scanner, a dongle and so on.

The whole idea is to build a dedicated scenario simulation classroom, aimed at creating an environment for all the students in KMJH to USE the language with Skype exchange, video making, and all kinds of scenario simulation experiences, such as the airport, hotel, restaurant, etc.

1. International Video Conferencing
With tablet computers and Bluetooth speakers, students are able to connect with their counterparts outside of Taiwan in terms of English and cultural exchange, which has been enamoring me for these years and helped a lot realize this dream of mine to create an authentic and meaningful environment for my students to speak the language as well. 

2. Video Making
I've been making English speaking videos to train the gifted students as well as my own daughters in terms of their speaking skills. I love this idea so much because it really combines both skills of English presentation and video editing. I'm thinking about getting all my students to make such videos that they can really feel the joy of being able to use English. For example, they can make English speaking videos introducing the campus and nearby tourist spots.

3. Scenario Simulations
Inspired by two of my amazing colleagues' idea of building a real-life escape room with their students, I also would like mine to work with me devising practical dialogues for going through customs, checking in and out at hotels, ordering food, to name just a few. The goal is that students enter and leave the classroom with oral practice for the above situations. 

Of course, this whole scenario simulation classroom is mainly dedicated to promoting International Education here in Kuang Ming. ALL students can benefit from it for sure. To achieve this goal, I alone can not do it all. I'm gonna invite any teachers who also recognize the worth of it and are willing to devote their valuable time and effort to helping realize this dream.

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