Friday, June 2, 2017

Mind Mapping and Gallery Walk by Class 702

Gallery Walk has been my favorite teaching activity in class and workshops since I attended the Global English seminar at Seoul back in 2014 because it’s so intriguing and engaging that can involve all students to speak English regardless of their mixed abilities.

Through repetition, EXPERTS have relatively more opportunities to rehearse whenever new LEARNERS come to their mind maps compared with traditional group work that students do their oral reports one by one. Simultaneously, Learners get to observe and learn quite a few times before they get back to be EXPERTS as to gain more confidence when their turn comes.

Mind maps, posters or even travel brochures can be created prior to Gallery Walk. Those whose English is not so good can have an opportunity to showcase their talent by adding color to the posters, and those who are good at grasping the main idea can help put down key phrases next to each icons. With this kind of collaboration, all can be engaged and really try to speak the language.

I can definitely spot some of my students who have that spark in their eyes today. With activities like this, I hope I can keep on motivating them to use the language instead of only memorizing facts to get good grades.

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