Friday, September 22, 2017

Having Fun Learning English in Taichung: How to describe a tourist spot in English

Getting students to describe a popular tourist spot in English through a series of tasks of scaffolding

Forming a partnership with the renowned Live ABC, we're entitled to have access to the book and APP, using augmented reality to make learning English so a lot more fun. As the main content facilitator, my goal is to promote the product by developing a full package of lesson plans, worksheets, activities, complete with feedback and reflections.  

After finishing reading the book, "遊臺中學英語 Having Fun Learning English in Taichung", I decided that there were five main elements to describe any tourist destinations, including history, location, characteristics, actions, and feelings. Based on that, I also came up with activities and worksheets with a task-based approach, providing step-by-step procedures that helped students introduce their preferred tourist spots in English.

The class went quite well. Students were engaged throughout the entire 70 minutes of 6 activities. With their homeroom teacher, the former head of the Academic Office,  observing my teaching for three classes in a row, he also told me that he himself quite enjoyed it even though sometimes he couldn't understand what I said. I spoke lots of English in the class by the way.

I can't wait to grade their worksheets next week. After that, I'll take them to the historical site nearby and actually use their cellphones or tablet computers to experience the App on site. The ultimate goal is to create our own version of English speaking videos with augmented reality right inside the dedicated classroom of mine.

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