Tuesday, March 13, 2018

2018 Taichung Junior High School English Speech Contest

My opinion about Youtubers

Centuries ago, influencing on a grand scale wasn’t easy for the ordinary citizens. Word of mouth was really the only primary way to pass along information. Books had to be hand copied, which took a long time and was expensive. (Imagine how difficult it was for Confucius or Jesus to spread their ideas hundred of years ago). Fast-forward to the present age. The Internet plays an important role in our daily lives. When articles and pictures cannot catch our eyes as they used to, we watch videos. So here’s YouTube. Now, anyone’s voice can be heard, and anyone’s face can be seen within seconds worldwide.

First of all, YouTube gives everyone a voice and show them it to the world. Each of us has the right to speak up for ourselves. For example, there was a girl who thought it is was unfair that she can could not join the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade,. She posted a video on YouTube, and it became a hot video went viral on YouTube overnight. Moreover, YouTube can expand our area of inference (reach out to a gigantic amount of people). The number of people watching YouTube has increased 40 percent every year since 2014. It’s predicted that by 2019, video traffic will be (account for) 80 percent of all Internet traffic. With a good command of English, you can even try to post what you love in English, a lot more audiences will be able to wathc them. In that case, if you are looking for a job that you can do for something you love, you can definitely consider being a YouTuber.

    Well, every coin has two sides. Like I have mentioned, the Internet gives us voices and incredible inference influence, but this may also cause a serious problem, cyber bullying. Lots of victims’ lives turn into a misery just because someone posted their private videos on YouTube. (They face constant deragotory comments that often lead to long-lasting pressure.) Also, some Youtubers are sued because they use pirated pictures or films in their videos. For instance, a famous YouTuber in Taiwan, who posts videos to share the main ideas of movies, was sued because he always puts some movie clips which may be pirated in those videos. So, the Internet isn’t always the solution of to everything.

Above all, I still think YouTube is a great tool for everyone. If you don’t like to share your life to with the public, you can watch others’ videos. Some are entertaining, such as song covering. Others might be convenient to learn some useful stuff and get advice, such as make-up videos and box opening videos ones. (In fact, I found Youtube would be a great environment to surround ourselves with authentic English.) Watching multiple videos of different themes arouses novel ideas from people around the world. 432,000 hours of video are uploaded daily to YouTube. You can choose whatever you like to watch on YouTube. Also, if you are the kind that likes leaving your mark remarks, being a Youtuber is exactly a perfect choice. What’s stooping stopping you from using videos to inference the world?

The way to promote Taichung World Flora Exposition

Have you ever taken a little more thought about the beauty of nature? Have you ever seen the petals falling down like rain? Have you ever imagined the sound of blooming? People nowadays are busy working, which not only exhausts them, but also blind their minds. At the same time, “happiness” is like the silence of blooming. People miss its beautiful blooming period accidently due to our busy lives. They may have richer lives, but emptied empty souls. Now, here is a chance for people to stop and hear the whisper and messages of Mother Nature ----- Taichung Flora Exposition. But how can we grab their people’s attention?

First of all, if we go to watch (really want to enjoy the charm of the stunning) flowers (in the expo), we just want to relax (would defenitely like an equally gorgeous place to match it). So the environment must be clean, (nice and cosy). And it would be awesome to play some great (soothing) music in the background, to let their body know that they bathing ourselves in should chill out to feel and to smell the perfume the delicite fragrance of the nature (jasmines and lilies). Following that, In this To motivate more younger generation to participate, who got the biggest influence? (Who do we listen to?) No, not Moms and or Dads.It’s celebrities, Youtubers and bloggers. They are the opinion leaders to us. So, to attract them people like me, we should do some interior design (do something about the design). They Young people love cultural and creative industry (publicity gimmicks). If we do this, they will come, take photos, post it on social media and hash tag hashtag this awesome event. What will happen next? Here come the followers! (Oh, you ask me what happens next? Of course, more and more followers will come.) Last but not least, to increase the income for doing this (the Taichung World Flora Expo), we could sell peripheral(spin-off stuffed toys, you know, like what Hollywood wuold usually do with movies). People love cute stuff. The other way is to pay for singers and celebrities to the venue (這句可併入本段第二點).

Above those, if we want the visitors to really enjoy the trip, maybe we can design some classes. (As a junior high school student, what can we do to help promote the expo? Well,) Let them learn more about flowers (We can learn more about flowers in Chinese class, English class, Art class, and so on). Also, hold some activities like making scented tea. (Also, I guarantee your students would absloutely love it if they can have an interesting activity, say, making scented tea with flowers in class.) We can set up some machines like those in the museums, when we are watching flowers, it could tell us what flower it is and introduce more about it. The most important is the traffic. People don’t want to stuck in the traffic jam. So we should set some shuttle bus for them. The route inside must be clean, so they can watch flowers happily. (若這段從國中學生的角度出發,交通的這一部分建議也變成一種課堂學習的活動)

Have you ever heard the sound of blooming? This year, you can let go all the pressures and just enjoy the feeling of yourself surrounded by flowers. Take a deep breath, you will find yourself blessed to be here. It won’t make your life, but it will make your day. 2018 Flora Exposition is here in Taichung. Have fun! (結論這段我回去再想想)

How to Fight Air Water Pollution

The sky is not blue anymore. It is gray. I cannot make out anything. The world is full of dust. The next second, I am sweating with my eyes opened, staring at my bedroom ceiling. Have you ever had this kind of bad dream? Because I have. And when I look out the window, I think it’s just like a “dream come true” in some ways. This planet is every species’ home. But humans are the only species that systematically destroyies our own habitat.

We know the pollution is getting worse, but what exact things will happen? Well, first, it influences the wildlife. While we are producing the pollutants, the fish are dying in the river. Also, it leads to acid rain, which cause damage to crops. Moreover, it results in global warming with increased temperatures world wild wide, increase in sea levels and melting of ice happens more often, which is pulling the alarm to human beings. Don’t you see? Everything comes back to us. The direct effect is respiratory and heart problems. But if you heard listen carefully to my words, you will find other dues ?. If we eat those polluted seafood and crops, the pollutants and poison comes back to our belly. So if we pollute the earth, we are killing ourselves.

Now, we know the effects of pollution. But how can we stop it? You might think that you cannot make a difference. But when everyone dose it, it can influence the world. So, here are things you can do to make a change in your daily life. Stop riding scooters! I hate to see those car exhausts coming out from scooters. Take public transportation! And sometimes because of religion, we burn ghost money and firecrackers. It produces a lot of pollutants, too. Besides, stop smoking and throwing the butts on the ground. Smoking is not good to our health, and it’s not good to earth’s health either. Also use fewer chemicals to clean your home. It’s an easy switch that makes a big difference. Last, follow the policy of avoid using plastic. Take a shopping bag with you. These are some ways for you to save the earth, please try your best to make it.

If these are Two things that are essential to humans and other living creatures. It’s They are clean water and air. Breathing is life. We can survive without food for several weeks, but without air, we will die in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, Earth is forgiving and damage from pollution is often reversible. Let’s try to make everyday a good day. Heal the earth, and we are also healing ourselves. Do not underestimate the power when we working together. You’ve got that responsibility. Come along and make the world a better place.

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