Monday, April 2, 2018

How to Talk About Anything in English: The Science Fair

Afraid of have nothing to say/write about a topic? With this method, we can help students develop a complete script for an oral presentation as well as paragraph writing.

An assignment came up on short notice this morning. KMJH is going to host the Science Fair for all the elementary and junior high schools this April. The Head of the Academic Office wanted me to train one of my students to introduce this huge event in English. The idea was to make a promotional video and include this English presentation in it.

Within just one class, we brainstormed ideas, finished the scripts, and rehearsed three times by following the steps:

1. List six wh- questions
2. Have three pieces of information for each of the Ws
3. Group the ideas according to introduction, body, and conclusion
4. Write and revise the paragraphs
5. Rehearse the presentation

This method worked well today because it helped the students create plenty of ideas. Also, I encouraged them to use some of the presentations tips, and they worked well, too. These two brilliant students also inspired me a lot with the ways they learned.

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