Monday, May 28, 2018

A Canadian AIESEC Volunteer's Visit: Part 2

It's been over two weeks since the Canadian AIESEC volunteer's first visit to my school, getting three classes of students experiencing what it was like to talk to an English native speaker. Jessica had been surrounded by my colleagues' students during recess, and obviously, they plucked up the courage to approach and chat with her with their beginner-level English.

To involve more students, I decided to invite her to come over the second time around. Upon arrival at KMJH, Jessica almost talked nonstop for over five hours with my homeroom students, gifted students, and two of my colleagues' homeroom students. She shared how to plan for a two-day trip in Canada in one class and introduced her major, communications, in another. My colleague invited her to have lunch with her students, and they ended up chatting and chatting until the nap time ended.

We also borrowed a whole period from the computer teacher. Four students from the gifted class got to chat with her about topics of their choice freely. Their English level is much higher than the normal ones, so it worked relatively better because they could just express themselves so well. I joined their conversation when the sudden meeting finally ended. One by one, I asked them how they liked this kind of interaction, and all of them would like to have more opportunities to chat with her again.

I got a big card with many thank-you notes from my colleague' students, saying they enjoyed Jessica's visit a lot. On top of that, we discussed the possibility of applying for a volunteer of our own. Well, it's really beyond our reach though, but until then, we'll definitely make Jessica's third visit happen before she goes back to Canada.