Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Textbook Reading with a Skype Video Call

Getting the gifted duo to practice asking follow-up questions from the textbook reading

With the interesting reading about a foreigner‘s Taiwan experience, the duo practiced coming up with as many follow-up questions. After that, they interviewed Jessica in English with a video call on Skype. They also got to experience how to carry on a conversation by responding to her feedback. 

The text mentioned how the foreigner remembered his first day in Taiwan, couldn‘t read the signs in Chinese, felt helpless at that moment, made his first Taiwanese friend, found Taiwanese people friendly and polite, and so on. Based on the reading, the duo‘s job was to think of questions to ask her, such as “Did you remember your first day in Taiwan?”, “Did you feel homesick?”, “Did you ever feel lonely when you were in Taiwan?”, and so on. 

I cannot thank Jessica enough for helping with the Skype video calls so many times. This really creates an authentic environment for three of us all to speak the language. It‘s both challenging and interesting for the gifted duo. On top of that, they are more used to speaking English in class. 

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