Saturday, May 23, 2015

Microteaching at JJJH

This is the second time that I got invited and shared Cooperative Learning at this school. Actually, it didn't go very well last time. The participants were comprised of a variety of subject teachers, which made it difficult for most of them to understand what I was talking about because the presentation was made in English. On top of that, I lectured throughout the entire workshop. 

I was a bit shocked when they asked for another workshop. Then, I was quite stressed because of the flop last time. I decided to do this in a brand new way, and it worked so well today that I couldn't help feeling proud of myself. This time, I conducted a class of microteaching. I only used classroom English. The text was directly from the textbook, so it was easy enough for everyone to finish all tasks in time. 

The participants were divided into three groups, engaged in a series of activities, such as Hammer it, Making Prediction, Running Dictation, Jigsaw Reading, Mind Mapping and Literature Circle. In the middle of the class, I noticed there were smiles and laughter among them. The head of the Academic Office was busy taking pictures, wile smiles on his face as well. The Art teacher created a mind map with cute icons, and she even presented in English during Gallery Walk. 

I myself also learned a lot from this for sure. I'm grateful that I didn't turned down the offer without knowing that I actually pulled it off so wonderfully this time. 

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