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Teaching Demonstration with Cooperative Learning and TBL at CGSH

Teaching Demonstration at CGSH
With Lesson 6 already covered by the original teacher, this class is aimed at demonstrating how incorporating authentic application of the language and some cooperative learning activity techniques can help motivate and engage students with intriguing learning tasks.
I. Pre-Task
Objective 1: With the given activity, students are able to match vocabulary words with their corresponding pictures correctly.
Activity 1: Hammer it
Assessment 1: Observation, Check List
Objective 2: With the given map, students are able to give directions to those desired locations correctly.
Activity 2: Giving Directions
Assessment 2: Mini Whiteboard, Oral Report Rubrics
Objective3: With the prepared questions about travel experience, students are able to brainstorm ideas as many as they can.
Activity3: Think-Pair-Share
Assessment 3: Observation, Oral Report Rubrics
II. Main Task
Objective 4: Divided into 5new groups(Expert Groups), students are able to complete their tasks collaboratively. 
Activity 4: Jigsaw Tasks with a variation of the Literature Circle
Assessment 4: Observation, Check List
Objective 5: Working in their original groups (Home Groups), each student shares what they accomplished and helps with the travel brochure.
Activity 5:  Creating Travel Brochure for Wuchi Fish Market
Assessment 5: Check List, Poster Rubrics
III. Post-Task
Objective 6: With students’ brochures posted on the wall, the first three and the other three take turns elaborating on their posters and walking around to learn from each other respectively.
Activity 6: Gallery Walk
Assessment 6: Observation, Oral Report Rubrics
Objective 7: After the Walk, students work in groups and decide on the most inspirational group so that they can improve their originals accordingly.
Activity 7: Discussion and Oral Report
Assessment 7: Peer Evaluation

IV. Teaching Procedures
1. Greeting, introducing the topic and what we’re going to achieve today (2 mins)
2. Review Reading on p.66 (3 mins)
3. Review how to give directions (5 mins)
4. Eliciting students’ travel experience (3 mins)
5. Introducing some travel brochure templates (2 mins)
6. Introduction to the role sheets,Students taking on their tasks in Home Groups, Expert Group (15 mins)
7. Gallery Walk (10mins)
8. Peer Evaluation, Discussion (2 mins), Report (3 mins)
9.Wrap-up (3 mins)

Creating a Travel Brochure for Wuchi Fish Market

Role Sheet
Paragraph 1 Rewrite: No.________  Name:___________________
Rewrite Paragraph 1 on page 66 by filling in the blanks and creating your own sentences to describe your hometown, Wuchi. 
Paragraph 2 Rewrite:No.________  Name:___________________
Rewrite Paragraph 2 on page 66 by filling in the blanks and creating your own sentences to describe your hometown, Wuchi.
Map of the Fish Market:No.________  Name:___________________
Draw a map of the Fish Market.
Giving Directions to Wuchi: No.________  Name:___________________
Give directions to the Fish Market.
Graphic Designer(s):No.________  Name:___________________
Use your imagination and creativity to bring out the best of your group poster.

Paragraph 1 Rewrite
Wuchi Fish Market is a ______ place with ______ for _____ lovers. The fish market is divided into several areas, including a ______ ______ area, dining area and supermarket. There are plenty of freshly-caught ______, ______, ______ and ______. A popular way of experiencing the market is to _______________________________ and _________________________________________.

Paragraph 2 Rewrite
When you have the opportunity to visit Wuchi, you rally can ____________. You can spend ________ there __________________________. It doesn’t cost much to _______________________________________. You can also stop by ___________ and __________ along the western coast nearby to enjoy ___________________.

Map of the Wuchi Fish Market

Giving Directions to Wuchi
To get there, exit Highway____ at Taichung Harbor, or if coming directly from Taichung City, take T_____ H_____ Road. After passing the town of Sha Lu, turn ______ onto Chung Yi Road. Follow this road for about 3 or 4 k______s and turn ______ at Bei Ti Road. If driving, you will need to pay NT$50 to enter the parking area.

By Bus :

1. Cingshuei Township(清水鎮): take Fongyuan Bus(豐原客運) to Taichung Port(台中港), exit at Wuci stop(梧棲站)

By Car :

1. National number 1 highway(國道一號), exit Taichung Port Rd offramp(中港交流道), drive along Tai 12 route(12) pass Shalu(沙鹿) and Wuci(梧棲) to reach.

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