Monday, November 9, 2015

Teaching Demonstration with TBL at Tan Show

Teaching Demonstration with TBL at Tan Show
Respect Different Cultures (B3L3 A Hard Lesson for Jason, Nan-I)
This class is aimed at demonstrating how incorporating a series of reading tasks and Cooperative Learning techniques can help engage students with the given text, “Respect Different Cultures”, and also develop some reading strategies, like predicting, questioning and summarizing.

This lesson plan mainly follows the framework of Task Based Learning, with three stages stated as follows.

I. Pre-Task
Objective 1: With the pictures shown on the PPT slides and sentences read by the teacher, students working in groups are able to talk about what they know and what they want to know about the topic collaboratively.
Activity 1: KWL Chart
Assessment 1: Observation, Check List

Objective 2: Engaged in group discussion, students are able to make predictions about what may be the best title of the text and write it down on the mini whiteboard with valid reasons.
Activity 2: Making predictions
Assessment 2: Mini Whiteboards, Oral Report Rubrics

II. Main Task
Objective3: With the scrambled text, students are able to put the sentences back in order correctly.
Activity3: Unscramble it
Assessment 3: Observation, Check List

Objective 4: With the text broken up into five parts, students are able to answer all the reading comprehension questions collaboratively and correctly. 
Activity 4: Jigsaw Reading
Assessment 4: Observation, Check List

Objective 5: With the complete text at hand, students are able to create a mind map collaboratively to summarize the given reading material.
Activity 5: Mind Mapping
Assessment 5: Rubrics for mind map

III. Post-Task
Objective 6: With students’ mind maps posted on the wall, the first three and the other three take turns elaborating on their posters and walking around to learn from each other respectively.
Activity 6:  Gallery Walk
Assessment 6: Observation, Oral Report Rubrics

Objective 7: After the Walk, students work in groups and decide on the most inspirational mind map so that they can improve their originals accordingly.
Activity 7: Discussion and Oral Report
Assessment 7: Peer Evaluation

Objective 8: After all the activities targeting the given text, students are able to share what they have learned from this class articulately.
Activity 8: KWL Chart
Assessment 8: Oral Report Rubrics

IV. Teaching Procedures
1. Greeting, introducing the topic, rewarding system and what we’re going to achieve today (2mins)
2. K and W (5 mins)
3. Making predictions with the mini whiteboards (3mins)
4. Unscramble it (2mins)
5. Jigsaw Reading and the reading comprehension questions (8mins)
6. Mind Mapping (10 mins), Gallery Walk (12 mins) and Peer Evaluation (3 mins)
11. L (3 mins)

Reading Comprehension Questions:
Respect Different Cultures

1. What floor in some hospitals can you not find in Taiwan?
Line ____

2. What number has the same sound as the word for death in Chinese?
Line ____

3. What is the unlucky number in the United States?
Line ____

4. What can’t Muslims eat? Why?

Line ____

5. Why many Chinese don’t eat beef?

Line ____

6. How many kinds of taboos are there in the reading? What are they?

Line ____

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