Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MC of the Readers Theater Competition

.I have been assigned as a Master of Ceremonies for the fifth consecutive year. Five years ago, I developed the MC’s script both in Chinese and English and took part in Taichung’s Readers Theater Competition since then. Other members of the Advisory Group have also taken turns hosting this big event with the very same script since then. Probably I have sat through over 200 performances. Not every English teacher gets the chance as I did, which definitely will be an indelible memory in my career.

In the very same year, I also coached a group of elite students from Kuang Ming with a very good friend of mine to compete in this competition. We came in second despite the fact I really think we deserved the undisputed championship. However, I’ve tried to incorporate this teaching strategy in my regular English classes and English camp as well. There’s so much preparation to do to for the teacher to achieve the desired result, but my students, or at least most of them, can get to feel what it’s like to use their pronunciation, intonation and vocal expression to bring the characters alive.  

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