Monday, January 4, 2016

A Little Happiness:小幸運與合作學習

The movie, Our Times (我的少女時代), is a blockbuster describing memories of Truly Lin’s high-school-years (林真心), with her struggles to become pretty and popular. It also nostalgically recalls romantic events and puppy love affair with a bad boy in the 1990s. The theme song, A Little Happiness (小幸運), has quickly gone viral on You Tube with more than 45 million views. Today, I decided to develop a worksheet and a few activities revolving around an English cover version with beautifully rewritten lyrics.

Again, with Task-based approach in mind, students were kept busy doing activities like unscrambling lyrics, filling in the blanks, jigsaw tasks and translation. The agenda is as follows:
1. With the lyrics divided into five parts, students working in groups are able to put them back in correct order correctly.
2. With the song played twice, students work individually to fill in the blanks of the lyrics correctly.
3. Working in Expert Groups, students are able to complete their assigned tasks, including “Listing all the words that rhyme”, “Locating important grammar” and “Pinpointing new words and phrases and figuring out their meanings in context”, and share what they’ve learned with members in Home Groups.
4. Working in Expert Groups, students collaboratively translate the assigned parts of the lyrics into English and share what they’ve learned with members in Home Groups.

5. With the completed worksheet posted on the wall, students work in groups elaborating on what they’ve learned with all the activities. 

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