Saturday, January 9, 2016

Teaching Demonstration Filming Project

B2L8 Means of Transportation
B2L9 Reading Activities

It is my honor and pleasure today to film for the “Teaching Demonstration Project” with the National Changhua University of Education. The idea is to demonstrate some innovative teaching strategies targeting reading and grammar in textbooks for all the junior high English teachers. On top of that, it is also my privilege to work with those lovely students in雅心書軒for the very first time after its unveiling ceremony at PHJH.

A wide variety of teaching activities helped motivate students’ interest of learning by keeping them busy completing tasks like predicting, summarizing, clarifying and so on. Also, with the ready-made board game in the textbook, students were engaged in making their own sentences with the given patterns for means of transportation. Some of the students confidently showcased their English speaking skills during Gallery Walk, retelling the whole story with their own words.

Having muscle aches and not getting enough sleep last night, I frantically set up all the gear for filming all by myself, fumbling with the tripods and the cameras while the students were already waiting. Trying my best to calm down and proceed with the lesson plan, I finally began filming at about eight thirty. With twenty-five students divided into six groups, I think they really had a good time learning English with all the intriguing activities, especially when receiving tofu pudding as a reward from me in the afternoon.

On such short notice, I was still working on the worksheets very late last night. Thanks for Albert’s help with the activity instructions, I’m confident in doing this in English in front of the camera. Most important of all, I am really looking forward to the editing of the videos in the hope of achieving desirable results. 

Teaching Demonstration with TBL and Cooperative Learning at PHJH
(B2L8 Means of Transportation, Nan-I)
This class is aimed at demonstrating how incorporating intriguing tasks with Tasked Based Leaning and some Cooperative Learning techniques can help motivate and engage students in terms of reading comprehension strategies.

I. Pre-Task
Objective 1: With the lyrics ( divided into six parts, students are able to put them back in order collaboratively and correctly.  
Activity 1: Unscramble the Lyrics
Assessment 1: Observation
Objective 2: With the worksheet provided, students are able to fill in the blanks of lyrics and review important vocab words related to means of transportation.
Activity 2: Filling in the Blanks
Assessment 2: Observation
Objective 3: With the sounds of different kinds of transpiration from the video (, students are able to match them correctly.
Activity 3: Guessing Game
Assessment 3: Mini Whiteboard

II. Main Task
Objective 4: With the PPT slides of two structures of this lesson, students are able to answer questions from the teacher and complete the drills correctly.
Activity4: Oral Practice and Making Sentences
Assessment 4: Observation, Check List
Objective 5: With the board game in this unit, each student is able to master both sentence structures by making corresponding correct sentences.
Activity 5: The Transportation Board Game
Assessment 5: Observation, Check List
Objective 7: With each student familiar with the board game, one representative from each group competes with their counterparts from other groups.
Activity 7: Team Game Tournment
Assessment 7: Observation, Check List

III. Post-Task
Objective 9: With the teacher’s feedback, students are able to identify some common errors and also tips for using the patterns in real-life situations.
Activity 9: Language Focus
Assessment 9: Observation, Check List

IV. Teaching Procedures
1. Greeting, introducing the topic, rewarding system and what we’re going to achieve today (3mins)
2. Unscramble the Lyrics and Fill in the blanks (12mins)
3. Guessing Game (10 mins)
4. The Transportation Board Game and Team Game Tournment (15 mins
5.Language Focus (5 mins)

1. Cut the lyrics into six parts as follows:
How do you go to school?  I go to school by bus.
History is on Monday. I don’t like that much.
How do you go to school? I go to school by bike.
Music is on Wednesday. That I really like.
How do you go to school?  I go to school by car.
English is on Friday.  That’s the best by far.

2. Play the song and tell the students to put them back in order in group work.

3. Go over the answer and elicit some strategies.

4. Introduce today’s topic.

How do you go to school?
I go to school by _____.
History is on _____.
I don’t like that _____.

How do you go to school?
I go to school by _____.
_____ is on Wednesday.
That I really _____.

How do you go to school?
I go to school by _____.
English is on _____.
That’s the _____ by far!

Means of Transportation
Vocabulary Guessing Game

1.                        A.  Train
2.                        B.  Bicycle
3.                        C.  Bus
4.                        D.  Helicopter
5.                        E.  Airplane
6.                        F.  Car
7.                        G.  MRT

8.                        H.  Motorcycle

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