Friday, April 15, 2016

English Self-introduction with Screencastify

Ever since I learned how to use Screencastify at the workshop a few weeks ago, I've been thinking about how I can also get my students to practice English with it. Then, I introduced them some famous teen YouTubers and their videos for the next project, Self-Introduction in English. To motivate their interest of learning, I also told them that they could showcase their talents, introduce their hobbies or pets, and anything like that. As usual, they came up with the script first, and then I helped revise it. 

As a demonstration of how to make a video with only a laptop, I gave an impromptu English speech about my recent teaching demonstration in the classroom. Well, it was not bad in terms of pronunciation and intonation, I think, even though I made a few mistakes. If I want to make a perfect one, of course I'll have to do a lot more preparation in advance. Then, I can also use the video editing software to cut out unwanted parts.

Amy and Sherry both have a beautiful voice. Amy is especially quite good at playing the ukulele. They made this cover, A Little Happiness, which I taught last semester. I almost had goosebumps while listening to them sing in the classroom though they really didn't think they were that good.

Sherry was really brave to be the first one recording her self-introduction. She worked hard on her script as well. She talked about her personality, hobbies and how easily she would be moved to tears by movies.
(To be  continued)

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