Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cultural Exchange with Japanese AIESEC Volunteer

Through an AIESEC volunteer's vivid introduction, my students once again got to experience using English and learning about some fun facts about Japanese culture, including several renowned tourist spots, comic characters, and popular Japanese food. On top of that, my seventh-grade students plucked up the courage to also ask some interesting questions about Osaka, the city Yuji is from, with feeling that the use of English to communicate with people outside of Taiwan in a meaningful context like this is both essential and fun as well. 

After the class with my other students from the International Cultural Exchange, I took Yuji to a nearby historic building, 刑務演武場, constructed during the Japanese colonial period. I really had great fun using English to explain some historical significance and cultural legacy of Japan that have been quite well preserved and incorporated into Taiwan's diverse culture. On top of that, we both agreed that there's a lot for both countries to share as well as learn from each other. In that regard, I hope my students will learn to appreciate the value of this special course, too. 

My homeroom students were learning the sentence structure, "Do/Does you/he ..... every day?", so I encouraged them to actually use it by asking Yuji questions beginning with Do you like ....?, and so they did. Though most of them were too shy to say anything, but I just know they all enjoyed this class based on all the positive feedback in their little diary.

When I gave Yuji a tour of the campus, we bumped into a few curious colleagues, wondering what he did as a volunteer in Chon Qing Elementary School. Also, two English teachers who are learning Japanese also grabbed this opportunity to practice the language.

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