Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Enjoying English Public Speaking

I don't know why, but I've been so obsessed with expressing myself in English even though I still make mistakes and my English is far from being perfect. Today, I once again felt the joy of being able to think, organize and get my points across in English at a workshop in Dong Shan Senior High School.

I shared how I embarked on this journey of conducting the Skype exchange project with my two Japanese partners, who also shared the same passion and idea that creating an authentic environment for our students to both practice speaking the language but appreciate cultural significance and differences. 

I'm really blessed to be an English teacher. English is not only my job but a crucial part of my life, with my leisure time centering on getting English input by reading and listening to lots of English as well as honing my writing and speaking skills with this teaching blog and lecturing at English teaching workshops. I get to do all these things and get paid? I really cannot ask for more.

If you call it a piano class, other than spending so much time teaching students to memorize notes and theories about music in order to get good grades on written tests, you should also be able to show them how to really PLAY the instrument and enjoy the beautiful melody out of it. 

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