Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Korean Delegation's School Visit

With the English language campus tour, a series of tasks that help both Taiwanese and Korean students speak the language, and an exchange each other's school anthem, those students from Changdeok Girls’ Middle School and mine enjoyed today's meet-up, communication, and interaction.

A group of Korean schoolgirls and their teachers came to visit today, and my job was to create as many opportunities as possible for all the students to speak English, facilitate cultural exchange, and have fun getting to know each other. Those gifted students of mine provided a simple campus tour in English upon their arrival, including the location, history, and some features of KMJH.

Then, Principal Hu helped express typical Taiwanese friendliness and hospitality by inviting every one of us to have a casual talk in her office. She gave our lovely Korean guests handicrafts as souvenirs and accompanied them to join my English class.

Following that, I did a teaching demonstration using English as the medium of instruction, with several tasks to motivate them and have fun speaking English, including ice-breaking, self-introduction, a fun difference between Taiwanese and Korean school life, and an exchange of Taichung's  and Seoul's good food and tourist spots. During their discussion, many K-POP stars' names were mentioned, as if they were their common interest.  To wrap up the class, I reiterated the purpose of learning English is just like what they experienced- using the language to make friends.

Last but not least, I showed them to my homeroom class for my students to also say hi and ask questions. In fact, I just know the boys in my class would be thrilled to see them in person. We sang the school anthem, and they did the same to call it a day. 

It was amusing to find out some significant differences between Taiwan and Korea in terms of school life. For example, Korean students don't have a nap time. Unlike our poor Taiwanese students who are forced to take a nap in the classroom without any air conditioners, they can do whatever they like, including chatting and exercising. There is AC in every Korean classroom. They use tablet computers to help study many subjects. They are not allowed to wear makeup in school. They don't stay in school as long as we do here in Taiwan.  

Based on all the students' active participation and smiles on their faces, I just know it was a very successful class. Some of my students even came to the office and told me how they would also like to pay them a visit in Seoul. It was worth all the effort.  

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