Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sharing My English Learning Journey on a Live Radio Show

Sharing how I learned English and what I achieved on a live radio show

For the very first time, I got invited by the National Education Radio and talked about my English journey on air. The show host has a regular slot dedicated to English learning, and I'm honored to have the privilege to share the greatest passion of my life.

I was given four topics to prepare beforehand, including self-introduction, how to learn English, interesting cultural differences, and the speeches I've made. For each of them, I provided three ideas or techniques that I believe will be applicable to the audience.

However, there's no shortcut to success. Same goes for English learning. Lots of Taiwanese people committed to improving their English speaking skills but failed for lack of motivation, determination, and most important of all, an environment to use the language regularly.

School English education can only help you develop language knowledge. Period. Have fun USING English. Create your own English environment. Get as much English input as you can. If you can do all these for an extended period of time, I guarantee you'll also make a breakthrough and reach an advanced level.

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