Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Live Demo of How to Conduct a Skype Exchange Session

Planting a seed of how to conduct a Skype exchange session with the 9th graders at Hsinchu County Chungshiao Junior High School

The purpose of this session is for the English teachers to have a hands-on experience with the setup of Skype, the mic, webcam, Bluetooth speaker, and most important of all, how to host a relaxing video call so that the students would feel safe to speak.

It was a blast having this Skype session with over thirty 9th graders introducing themselves, talking about their hobbies, and asking Jessica all kinds of interesting questions in groups of three.

At first, they were shy, and some of them were even trembling when attempting to speak English with J. However, the teachers were encouraging and providing them with some tips to ask follow-up questions. 

They then gradually got used to it and realized it was not that scary to practice speaking English with such an adorable young lady. 

Those lovely students were all singing their homemade graduation song after I got the setup done. This helped create a relaxing atmosphere a lot. Then I called on Shy Boys to have a casual chat with J, and that also worked because everybody was laughing. 

The session went for about two and a half hours. Some were reluctant to go because they didn't get J's Instagram or game ID. That was amusing to me.

We had a brief discussion and reflected on the whole session.  The teachers asked some detailed questions, too. They didn't think it was difficult to prepare the equipment. After the workshop and this class, I firmly believe they'll put it into practice next semester with the 8th graders.

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