Saturday, September 21, 2019

A Full Day Course for the Korean Sister School's Visit

Lesson planning for a course to ensure fond memories with English speaking, hands-on tasks, KMJH's distinctive features, cultural differences, and so on

With KMJH's very first sister school's visit next month, I've been devoted to selecting host families and designing a full day course since back-to-school. The number one priority is that students from both sides can use English to get to know each other and complete fun tasks collaboratively. Also, including KMJH's unique characteristics, such as gifted education, dance class, and traditional Chinese music, is a must. The following are each class's ABCD learning objectives:

1 The Beauty of Taichung and Daegu

With the slide presentations, students working in groups can present three places to visit and three iconic dishes to taste from both cities in English. 

I'll use some Korean YouTubers' videos to design questions for discussion as a warm-up activity. Through their first-hand Taiwan experiences, Korean students can identify some very significant culture shock.  

Those host students from KMMH are going to visit Daegu next April. It would be motivating for them to discuss with their Korean counterparts about tourist attractions and good food.     

2 English Reader's Theater

With the assigned script and roles, students working in groups of four can put on a show of our home-made story, Three Wishes, using their English pronunciation, intonation, and vocal expressions to bring the story alive. 

As a coach of this year's RT Competition, I'll be proud to introduce what it is and how to be good at it. Most important of all, by putting Taiwanese and Korean students together to rehearse a part of the story, I hope our guests can experience the beauty of RT. 

3 KMJH E-News and Skype Exchange

With prepared questions, Taiwanese students working in groups can interview their Korean counterparts on campus and make English-speaking videos. 

The 8th-grade gifted class has been working on the campus e-news. Alex's students learned about how to set up the camera to report a story. They are making English-speaking videos to introduce the campus in the hope that they can interview Korean students at different spots. 

With a live Skype session, students can experience what it's like to present exciting topics and exchange cultural differences in English. 

The purpose of this activity is for future collaboration with the sister school. With the help of technology, we can still talk with each other in person via Skype. I'd love to involve more students for this kind of exchange without leaving the country.    

4 Room Escape

With KMJH's home-made escape room, Korean students can learn about some fun facts through a tour. 

It'll be fun for the Korean students to rack their brains and get the code to enter another compartment. 

5 Making Bubble Milk Tea

With the right ingredients and step-by-step procedure, students can cook bubble milk tea on gas stoves and then make an English-speaking video on Screencastify to introduce how to make it. 

The world-renowned bubble milk tea originated here in Taichung City. I'll incorporate an English article and some reading tasks before they enjoy the hands-on activity. After that,  I'll have them take photos, create simple PPT slides, and make a video to explain everything they've learned about bubble milk tea. 

6 Music and Dance Exchange

With Taiwanese students' instruction, Korean students working in two groups can pick up the moves and then dance to KPOP music with their Taiwanese counterparts. 

The Dance Class is one of the long-standing glories of KMJH. I believe it'd be significantly meaningful for students from both sides to interact with each other through music and dance. On top of that, KPOP is becoming popular among teenagers worldwide, so both Korean and Taiwanese students will find it amusing to work together for the show. 

In conclusion, the thinking behind this course is for students from both sides to build a close bond. Through a series of intriguing and hands-on tasks, they're required to develop communication and collaboration skills. On top of that, KMJH's distinctive characteristics and cultural exchange between both countries are included to ensure lots of fond memories for our sister school's first Taiwan experience.  

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