Sunday, September 29, 2019

Using Story Circle to Create a Script

Creating a script with the structure and critical elements based on Story Circle

Every story is the same.

The basic structure of all stories is the same. According to The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell, there are characteristics of an effective story. Then, Story Circle, developed by Dan Harmon, turned the storytelling principles into an easy-to-use guide for building a compelling story with eight steps:

1 Comfort Zone
2 Want Something
3 Enter an Unfamiliar Situation
4 Adapt to It
5 Get What They Want
6 Pay a Heavy Price
7 Return to the Familiar
8 Having Changed

I found Story Circle so fascinating because it is such an excellent tool to analyze some of my favorite movies, such as The Dark Knight, Back to the Future, Robocop, and so on. Can I follow the same framework and create my script for the upcoming Reader's Theater Competition?

In reference to the 3 Act Screenplay Structure, the following is the outline of the story: 

Act 1: Setup

Our hero and his friends are junior high school students. He has a crush on a girl but doesn't know how to win her heart. He turns to Genie for help. 

Act 2: Confrontation

Our hero abuses the magical power to get what he wants, but this comes at a heavy price. The confrontation escalates to a level that the protagonist suffers the most.  

Act 3: Resolution

The hero learns his lesson and has an aha-moment. He strives to become a better person against all the odds. 

I hope the story can resonate with not just the judges but the audience, too. To achieve this goal, the setting and plot have to happen in the modern junior high campus, with twists related to typical school life.

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