Thursday, March 10, 2016

Collaborative Lesson Planning: Celebrities

 1. Guessing Game. 
   With 15 slides of Taiwanese celebrities shown only to one of the students, the rest of them ask questions to guess who the famous person is. 

2. Eliciting functional language like, "He or she?", "Young or old?", "Does he/she wear glasses?", "Does he/she work in the States?", "Is he/she a singer?", etc. 
3. Go over the appearance, personality and occupation sections.  Equip students with important vocab words. 
4. Let's practice
    Keep emphasizing that they at least need four elements to properly introduce a famous person, including physical appearance, personality and character, occupation and what the person means to you. Then, provided with some key words and phrases, the teacher demonstrates how to compose a paragraph to talk about a celebrity. 
5. Homework
   Students get the photocopies of the PPT slides and write a paragraph of their preferred Taiwanese celebrity. 

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