Friday, March 18, 2016

First attempt to make a video with Screencastify

I shared the process and progress of how the English Advisory Group strived to promote Professional Learning Community and collaborative lesson planning to the junior high English teachers by sharing all the hard work of every member on our official website, including lesson plans, worksheets and reflections as well. On top of that, by doing microteaching and teaching demonstrations at many schools in Taichung, we didn't just walk the walk but engaged the participants with genuine teaching activities that can be applied in the classroom.

I'm especially proud we completed the filming project together and made eight teaching videos that will be uploaded to the MOE's platform for all the English teachers nationwide to watch. For Taichung's version of MOOCS, now we're attempting to make videos and store them on Youtube with Screencastify so that students can watch them at home again and again based on their own learning pace. So, the video above is my first attempt to use the Google extension to record my presentation yesterday. 

I didn't plan to make the presentation in English until the very last minute when I got to the venue and found  there was an AIESEC volunteer. Then, the event planner opened the meeting and asked who would like to make their presentations in English today. Of course, nobody answered. I was thinking, "It would be so cool if I'm the only one that can pull this off in front of all the English advisors from other cities and counties.". So, I did it.

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