Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feeling Nostalgic Already

I still remember vividly how I made up my mind and determined to take on the position as Full-time Advisor about three years ago, which totally turned over a new leaf in my life. This job requires me mainly to organize workshops for the whole junior high English teachers here in Taichung. It takes lots of time and energy on paperwork, meetings, phone calls, and sometimes even difficult negotiations, to get the job done. However, when looking back, I would definitely say it is all worth it and rewarding because I've tapped some very unlikely potential.

I used to think I was not cut out for any administrative work because I hated paying lip service or brown nosing. Now I realize sometimes they can also be referred to as good people skills. Well, I rarely told people how I admired their job or efforts openly, but now I know it can make people feel good and appreciated as long as you really mean it from the bottom of your heart. Of course, red tape and bureaucracy really piss me off from time to time, but I also learned that it was just an inevitable part of the whole system. For those who have authority to make important decisions, even a little careless or inconsiderate move can affect lots of people in a very bad way.

I'm now confident in doing teaching demonstrations outside of my own school with students I've never met before, which was totally beyond my wildest imagination before I took on the job. I began to revolutionize my ways of teaching with the help of ideas and techniques from Cooperative Learning and Task-Based Learning. Also, the online TESOL course provided by the University of Oregon helped me so much in lesson planning and project ideas that lead to the Skype Exchange Project with a very driven Japanese teacher. On top of that, I really enjoy traveling to different schools and doing lectures, microteaching, and teaching demonstrations because of all the recognition and appreciation I received from the teachers.

My term comes to an end at the end of July this year. Though it is still several months away, I don't know why but I have felt quite nostalgic these days, especially today's major event is the sixth one in three years when I took over. Well, I'm not sure whether I'm gonna miss how I still had to toil away for the English Advisory Group when camping or taking a vacation with my family, but without a doubt, I will take all these as an important part of my life. What's ahead of me after this is still uncertain, but we can only connect the dots looking backwards, can't we?

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