Saturday, December 23, 2017

Edu-Buffet 中台灣課程流動心饗宴

The Education Bureau held this major event of curriculum development to help better equip teachers for the new challenges brought by the 2019 national curriculum guidelines this Christmas weekend. Many accomplished lecturers shared their teaching innovations at various workshops. Hundreds of participants actually attended dozens of different workshops of their own choice.

It was my honor to get invited and share at two of them. One was about how I conducted a disciplinary collaboration and did a teaching demonstration for the Principal Instructional Leadership Symposium. The other was for me to share a variety of hands-on activities in terms of making English speaking videos with Screencastify and OBS, strategies for improving students' reading comprehension with Task-Based Learning, and how to get students to introduce any tourist spots of their choice in English.

I was really amazed by all the teachers who were willing to attend the workshops today. They were not told to come by request of any authorities. They chose to learn for the good of their students this Christmas weekend. For that, I honestly admire their passion and dedication to a better education here in Taiwan and hope each of the participants brought something good back home today.

Some of the participants and I have been Facebook friends for quite a while. I got to finally meet them in person today. Also, for those who are particularly interested in International Education, we exchanged some ideas of conducting Skype sessions with partners outside of Taiwan and inviting AIESEC volunteers to interact with the students.   

The head of the Education Bureau walked in the workshop and stayed for about 10 minutes during my presentation. I seized this opportunity to show off my passion for English and recapped the main points of my sharing in the language. Also, the principal of my school attended the two workshops and listened throughout the whole sessions.

I spoke English a lot and shared many of my approaches to creating an authentic context for the students to use English at the workshops today. I really couldn't have asked for more to celebrate Christmas.

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