Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Quality Development Collaboration Project

The purpose of this project is to develop school-based and custom-made curriculum to best suit the unique needs of the host school. The Education Bureau subsidizes the cost of this project, including hiring an expert to have workshops, and then send out inspectors to make sure the budget is well executed. 

The principal of Chung Chyuan Junior High School kindly invited me to help with the project after that sharing on International Education at the Education Bureau last semester. Under the obligation as a homeroom teacher, I have turned down many offers but this one because I just love anything and everything about this topic.

1. Skype Exchange, AIESEC Volunteers, and English Speaking Video Making
These three are all I've been so into these years to build a series of courses. I
introduced the equipment and lesson planning for preparing students to do their oral presentations about topics like self-introduction, school life, and the beauty of Taichung. By inviting AIESEC volunteers to showcase their unique cultures, students also get to practice their listening comprehension and use the language to communicate as well. As for making videos with OBS and Corel VideoStudio, students will enhance their English writing and speaking skills, complete with video editing.

2. Introducing the Beauty of Taichung
With microteaching of Task-Based Learning about this very goal-oriented project, students will be able to introduce any famous tourist spots in Taichung of their choices. Because we were scheduled to have several Skype sessions this semester, this topic would be a must to exchange with those Japanese and Korean counterparts. I'm kind of proud of myself to develop this step-by-step lesson plan because it is actually workable not just for my students but also those in CCJH.

3. International Volunteers
The host school applied for the AIESEC volunteer program and will have an Australian one at the end of this month. Also, the principal invited international college students to come and have some fun and interactive activities for the students to experience the real application of English. Therefore, for the third workshop, I shared my experiences and plausible activities, including world cafe, learning centers, oral presentations, and so on.

4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration
The new national curriculum guidelines are about to take effect next year. Many workshops have been held in the hope of equipping teachers to meet the new challenges. With quite a few authentic examples, I shared how I conducted custom-made learning materials with a Scouting Activity teacher and did a teaching demonstration for the 2017 International Principal Instructional Leadership Symposium. Following that, incorporating topics and other subjects like technology, biology, career path, home economics, and human rights in textbook extensions or my Skype exchange sessions.

If you're teachers of CCJH reading this post, I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for you guys because I know how difficult it would be to go through these four consecutive workshops by the same lecturer. However, I'm also glad when some of you told me that what I shared actually helped with your own International Education. If possible, I'd really like to participate in other programs of yours, for you all know how passionate I am about creating an authentic environment for students to really use the language.


  1. Mr. Li,
    It's great that you can share your experience with us. If possible, it would be a big pleasure that you could participate in some of our projects.

    1. I'd really love to. Thank you for your sharing that day, which was very encouraging.