Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How to Carry on a Conversation

By practicing asking follow-up questions, my student learned how to respond to what J just said and then came up with a question to continue the conversation.

With the article from the supplementary reading, Studying Abroad, we touched upon international students in the university. We then proceeded to talk about the pros and cons of social media after J introduced her major, communications and media. I showed my student how to carry on the conversation with some questions that were simple but effective. She then practiced asking her own and began to get the hang of it.  

With the other one called in sick today, there were only three of us, but we all enjoyed this class a lot. J and I guided the student to respond and ask questions in English, and she really made significant progress.

I hope more of my students can learn English this way. By creating an authentic environment for learners to use the language, they'll feel the need as well as have fun expressing themselves in English.

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