Friday, September 28, 2018

Teaching Demonstrations for Pre-service Teachers: How to Teach English in English

The purpose of this teaching demonstration is for the pre-service teachers to observe how to teach English by using English as the medium of instruction.

To stand out in that very fierce competition and become a qualified teacher in public schools, it's crucial to master the skills to speak clearly and fluently. Not only that, you have to know how to devise tasks that require students to work collaboratively and then impress the judges with your confidence and well-organized activities. All these would rely heavily on not only pedagogy but the way you present it.

The gifted duo's high English level and proficiency allow me to adopt an English only policy in the class. For this class, we used a supplementary material for the duo's reading comprehension: ACTIVE: Skills for Reading. We went through several activities, including discussion, matching, skimming, scanning, complete with finding the main idea of each paragraph. Both my instructions and students' response were conducted in English.

During the Q & A session, I answered some questions and demonstrated how to teach grammar. Once again, I hope all the teachers-to-be picked up something useful today.  

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