Monday, October 1, 2018

A Fun Skype Session with Korean Students: Free Chatting

The duo and I had a very special Skype session with eight Korean junior high students in Seoul this afternoon. Free chatting helped create a much more authentic context for students from both sides to use the language.

Without writing a script and reading it word by word, it was so spontaneous that students had to respond and carry on the conversation by asking follow-up questions. Right after each Korean student's self-introduction, the duo and I immediately came up with a question for them to answer.

I was quite impressed by two of the Korean students. They sounded just like native speakers to me. Also, one of them asked whether I remembered her. Turned out she was in the previous session that many of the boys in my class were highly interested in.

I didn't overwhelm the duo with an endless list of new words to remember or loads of tests to take. Instead, I want them to experience the fun and importance of learning English is to be able to USE the language.

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