Monday, April 29, 2019

How to Conduct a Skype Exchange Session in the Classroom

Engaging the teachers with a live video call, lesson planning strategies, and a hands-on experience with Skype settings

The main idea for this workshop is to show the teachers how to conduct a Skype exchange session in the classroom. The purpose is for students to experience how to communicate in the language with their neighboring Asian counterparts or English-speaking teachers on Skype.

To make it more task-based and of a backward design approach, I incorporated activities like A Cup of Conversation and Back to the Board into the introduction to lesson planning and Skype settings. On top of that, with Jessica's help, we turned the workshop into a natural English-speaking environment, with the participants working in groups of three and asking her questions nonstop for three minutes.

Each stage of the presentation is carefully designed and connected to each other. For example, after practicing talking about the topic the participants chose, I then proceeded to further that experience by having the participants interviewing an English native speaker. When preparing for the workshop, I took it as lesson planning, hoping to involve the teachers with both my ideas from teaching practices and scaffolding tasks to produce the end result.

I promised the event planner that I would volunteer to conduct a Skype session in her class. The setups will also be ready then, including the laptop, an external webcam, and microphone. Moreover,  today we also practiced how to make an appointment and decide on the topic, the date, and other details. I tried to share everything about my know-how today and would love to see more of the teachers get inspired and give it a try in their own class.  

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