Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How to Prepare for an English Presentation

The best way I know to prepare for an English presentation is to rehearse with one-on-one online English class. It not only helps me organize my thoughts and ideas more clearly but practice getting everything across in English.

1. Build Muscle Memory

Stage fright stems from caring too much about our mistakes. We will make some mistakes no matter what. When we do, we become nervous. Then we make even more and lose our cool. It will get worse when the audience starts losing patience and decide not to pay attention anymore.

Once you repeat doing something, it would become more and more comfortable to do it without thinking. Muscle memory works wonders. We allow it to take over when getting on stage.

2. Answer Over-looked Questions

Sometimes we tend to get into the nitty-gritty details and expect people also to get them quickly. However, when rehearsing for presentations with my online English teacher, he would ask questions I rarely pay attention to. That's usually the part I need to reconsider.

3. Gain Confidence

Albert is always supportive and understanding. Every time when I have to do a new topic, I'll send him my PPT slides and walk him through page by page. It's become a ritual but definitely would reassure that I can deliver smoothly without too many mistakes.

In conclusion, I still need to practice more in order to become better at public speaking. Very few Taiwanese English teachers would do what I do, but I'm a persistent English learner and will continue to use English at workshops as a personal trademark.

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