Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Reading Comprehension Question Types

Getting my gifted students creating mind maps to illustrate question categories, stems, and strategies for English reading comprehension questions from the Comprehensive Assessment Program

With many previous English CAP questions at hand, my students read up on the question stems and choices, categorizing them into several question types, including the main idea, supporting details,  making inferences, vocabulary guessing, and so on. On top of that, we discussed strategies to get the right answers for each type, complete with possible false choices.

Thanks to Mark, I furthered his idea and put it into practice with the gifted students. They happily accepted the challenge and were able to come up with some common categories in the form of mind maps. To make it more visually attractive, they used different colors to indicate the relationships among different types.

I wrote an article about the school's MOU signing and created five reading comprehension questions with it, including five types of questions from our discussion. Also, when making exam papers for the first midterm, I picked up some useful skills for how to create false choices. As for my students, they also had a better understanding of how those questions were made by teachers. 

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