Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Reader's Theater Workshop: Bringing the Story Alive

Sharing ideas and techniques of how to bring the story alive and the structure of a screenplay 

At the request of a passionate and driven English teacher, my students and I shared how to use stress, intonation, and vocal expression to put on a killer RT play at TCHCVS. Then, I talked about how to use the story map and story circle to understand the twists and turns of a script. Finally, I touched upon some teaching practices regarding international education, such as Skype exchange sessions, the KMJH English campus news, and iEARN English presentation contest. 

The whole presentation went well through a live demo, a talent show, and lots of interaction between my students and those of TCHCVS. I randomly called on those vocational high students to give it a try, and then my students demonstrated how to do it right, followed by my instructions for improvement. As shown in the video, we had fun acting out the roles in a more expressive manner. 

My students' talent show was like the icing on the cake. They showcased rap, beatbox, dancing, and singing, which blew everybody away. They received not only an award of appreciation but the bubble milk tea and a bag of super cute Sumikko Gurashi figure pens. No wonder they didn't want to go back to school for the eighth period. Winning the championship of the Reader's Theater Competition will be an unforgettable memory for those students. 

Last but not least, Shirley's heartfelt reflection and detailed account of my presentation would linger on in my mind for an extended period of time. She was taking notes throughout the presentation, noticing every single idea and technique that I mentioned. On top of that, she recognized my passion for English teaching and learning, complimenting about my dedication to the training in intonation and vocal expression.

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