Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Malaysian AIESEC Volunteer's Cultural Sharing

Learning about the races, religions, food, and so on about Malaysia through a vivid presentation in English and Chinese

My students got to experience how an AIESEC volunteer program would benefit from Sue Kyi's visit. They not only had lots of English input about Malaysian culture but tried to interact with her by asking various questions. 

Those seventh graders were surprised to find out that she is fluent in English, Chinese, and Malay. All subjects are taught in three languages at school. On top of that, Malaysian students have much shorter school hours. On the contrary, Taiwan students probably have the longest school hours while they cannot converse in English after so many years of learning at school.     

I also enjoy introducing the beauty of Taiwan to foreigners in English. Through their fresh perspective, I also get to appreciate once again what I tend to take for granted. For example, I showed her around the Martial Art Compound and introduced a bit of history during the Japanese Colonial Period. 

Thanks to Alysia's help, I got to BORROW the volunteer from Chih Shan Junior High School for two afternoons. I wondered if my school would one day apply for this program. 

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