Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cooperative Learning Workshop at STJH

Today, I was given the most warming welcome from the event planner ever. Also thanks to her, two of the students actually greeted me in English, which I think it’s a good opportunity for them not only to show off their talent and hard work in English learning but use the language in an authentic setting.

I shared some of the teaching strategies regarding this topic, such as Jigsaw, Literature Circle, Gallery Walk and so on as usual. Unfortunately, not having enough sleep for some consecutive nights and being overwhelmed by the big plan that I was supposed to summit the next morning, I felt sometimes my mind went completely blank during the workshop and the Q and A session. I should’ve gone for microteaching in the first place, so the participants and I could create a more dynamic flow at the workshop.

Well, I was glad to meet up those wonderful English teachers of STJH though, only if I didn’t let them down. 

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