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Lesson Plan for a Teaching Demonstration at TCJH


Teaching Demonstration with TBL and Cooperative Learning at TCJH
(B3L3 A Hard Lesson for Jason, Nan-I)

This class is aimed to demonstrate how incorporating reading tasks with Tasked Based Leaning and some Cooperative Learning techniques can help motivate and engage most of the students in terms of reading comprehension strategies.

I. Pre-Task
Objective 1: With some silly questions about Richard, students are willing to take a wild guess on the mini whiteboard by discussing with each other.
Activity 1: True or False
Assessment 1: Observation

Objective 2: With the pictures shown on the PPT slides and sentences read by the teacher, students are able to match the vocabulary words with the corresponding pictures correctly.
Activity 2: Hammer it
Assessment 2: Observation
Objective 3: Engaged in group discussion, students are able to make predictions about what may be the best title of the text and write it down on the mini whiteboard with valid reasons.
Activity 3: Making predictions
Assessment 3: Mini Whiteboard, Oral Report Rubrics
Objective4: With the scrambled text, students are able to put the sentences back in order correctly.
Activity4: Unscramble it
Assessment 4: Observation, Check List

II. Main Task
Objective 5: With the text broken up into five parts, students are able to answer all the reading comprehension questions collaboratively and correctly. 
Activity 5: Jigsaw Reading
Assessment 5: Observation, Check List
Objective 6: With a deck of cards of Phrase Match, students are able to match them collaboratively and correctly.
Activity 6: Phrase Match
Assessment 6: Check List
Objective 7: With a deck of cards of Synonym Match, students are able to match them collaboratively and correctly.
Activity 7: Synonym Match
Assessment 7: Check List

III. Post-Task
Objective 8: With students familiarized themselves with the Synonym Match cards, the assigned student from each group competes with his or her counterparts and get the job done quickly and correctly.
Activity 8: Team Game Tournament
Assessment 8: Observation, Check List
Objective 9: With three more questions created in pair work, students are able to interview each other and do a little oral report afterwards
Activity 9: Fast Food Survey
Assessment 9: Rubrics for oral presentations

IV. Teaching Procedures
1. Greeting, introducing the topic, rewarding system and what we’re going to achieve today (3mins)
2. True or False (3mins)
3. Hammer it (5 mins)
4. Making predictions with the mini whiteboards (3mins)
5. Unscramble it (3mins)
6. Jigsaw Reading and the reading comprehension questions (8mins)
7. Phrase Match (5mins)
8. Synonym Match (8mins)
9. Team Game Tournament (3 mins)
10. Fast Food Survey and Oral Report (10 mins)
11.Wrap-up (3 mins)

Reading Comprehension Questions:
A Hard Lesson for Jason

1. Why was Jason sick?

2. What did he eat last night?

3. What happened after he ate too much?

4. When did he go to the doctor?

5. What did the doctor say?

6. When did Jason take the medicine?

7. How long did he lie in bed?

8. Why is he careful about food now?

1. sick
e. didn’t feel well
2. ate too much
g. overate
3. had
h. ate
4. couldn’t sleep
b. had trouble sleeping
5. went to the doctor
a. saw the doctor
6. stay away
f. keep away
7. right away
d. right now
8. is careful about
c. think twice about

1. was sick
c. because he ate too much
2. He had
d. a lot of ice cream
3. couldn’t sleep last night
b. wen to the doctor
4. Take some medicine
f. stay away from fast food
5. took the medicine
a. lie in bed all day
6. a hard lesson
e. very careful about food

Student Fast Food Survey
Write five GOOD questions about fast food in the table. Do this in pairs. Each student must write the questions on his / her own paper.
When you have finished, interview other students. Write down their answers.

Student 1_______
Student 2_______
Student 3_______
Q.1. Do you eat fast food a lot? Why?

Q.2. What is your favorite fast food? Why?




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