Thursday, October 29, 2015

Microteaching of Cooperative Learning and Reading Activities

Thanks to the event planner’s invitation, I got to travel to NNIEHS Tainan and TYJH, doing microteaching and introducing a series of intriguing reading activities that can motivate interest of learning and also benefit students in terms of reading strategies, such as making predictions, phrase match, Gallery Walk and so on. Based to the participants’ feedback and some detailed questions about teaching practices, I’m pretty sure I’ve made a positive impact.

There’re plenty more English teachers who are also dedicated and passionate about this new paradigm of learner-centered approach, and they’re definitely more productive than me. However, what separates me from others is that I have such an obsession with speaking English in public whenever I have to do a presentation. Due to “Use it or lost it” principal, it’s totally reasonable that so many have already forgotten how to speak the language, which gives me the golden opportunity to prove my unique worth in this field.

Does incorporating a variety of teaching strategies make me lead a happy life ever after? Have I become such an expert that I’m qualified to answer all the questions raised during the Q and A session? Absolutely NOT! In fact, I myself sometimes feel stuck and don’t know what to do next. However, what really keeps going is that I really enjoy feeling needed and gaining recognition of my efforts and accomplishments from other teachers.

Not every teacher gets the chance to do what I’m doing now; therefore, I think I’m creating an unforgettable memory and also rediscovering what I really want to be in the future. After all, “You can only connect the dots looking backwards”. 

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